FDA regulations on electronic cigarettes have been a long time coming. If you are a follower of the ECCR news section, we’re sure you have read about this before. We’ve had multiple reports of the industry nearing regulation and, while some false starts were among them, we are definitely on the road to that. That hasn’t really been a doubt as ecigarette brands such as Vuse have been gearing up for this occasion. They’ve been trying to get their ducks in a row as the FDA has had a long commenting period for their deeming regulation, but now it seems to have finally come to a close.

By attacking vaping the FDA is clearly using it's governmental powers to protect and promote smoking cigarettes by burying vaping in regulations.

The fresh news is that just this past week the FDA has finally moved forward in finalizing their proposed regulations. The government organization has now officially forwarded the so-called “deeming rule” on to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review. The OMB review and subsequent approval is typically the last step in the process of setting regulations into motion. It has been noted that this part of the process is expected to take between 30 and 90 days, after which the final text of the rule will be unveiled for all.

Could this be it? With FDA regulations on electronic cigarettes finally on the way, will we begin to understanding fully what the FDA has in store for the electronic cigarette industry? It certainly appears that way, and if so this huge buildup to this moment is finally coming to an end. The next steps after are just as important however, if not more so. They’ll determine how companies, consumers, advocates, how everybody deals with the new situation. As the drama intensifies, we could be in store for a period of intense change, especially among the companies that we buy our goods from.

Ecigarette Brands Gear Up

In response to marketing spikes and prime shelf placement in smoker's display areas, existing e-cigarette brands prepare for the introduction of e-cig products by big tobacco companies.

Ecigarette brands at this point have been well versed in all of this legalize as this has been in the pipeline for years. Vuse, Blu Cigs and other brands owned by Big Tobacco surely have been dissecting the possible outcomes of regulation and readying their plans.

Other ecigarette brands are no doubt also awaiting the final word when it comes to FDA regulations on electronic cigarettes. In reality, it may be more important for those smaller brands to be prepared for what is to come.

While the highly financed brands have the power and money to pivot quickly in another direction based on new regulations, smaller brands have a lot more at risk. This is especially so with eliquid companies and vape shops, who have been the target of constant lobbying from Big Tobacco. The huge conglomerates that have addicting millions of Americans to tobacco are trying their best to maintain their monopoly and keep the rules in their favor. The finalized text that comes out of this process will be telling as to how much they have achieved and where the consumer will have to turn to next.

Due to unfair regulations levied by the FDA, the sales of small vape businesses is suffering, many at risk of going out of business completely.

Now we wait some more, maybe 3 months or a little longer. This process that was supposed to “surely” be settled by the end of summer is now stretching into 2016. With all the red tape and big government bureaucracy we have come accustomed to in this country, we probably shouldn’t be surprised. But it does seem to be reaching an end, or rather a beginning of sorts. Get ready for some possible changes, but also to stand up for your rights. This could just be the end of Act 1 in a longer storyline that determines the fate of electronic cigarettes. And these devices are too important to so many of us to ignore what could happen next. Stay tuned and stay updated, we’ll surely be getting you all the information you need as soon as it arrives.