The American Cancer Society has been valiantly fighting for leading cancer research since its inception more than a century ago. We have seen many advances in medical research and much of it can be traced to the efforts of the Cancer Society.

Despite medical breakthroughs, the best way to fight cancer remains prevention. The American Cancer Society has long fought smoking addiction and offered people help in their effort to quit. Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do to prevent illness.

american cancer society helps people to quit smoking

The American Cancer Society has had a tumultuous relationship with vaping. When electronic cigarettes first emerged, the ACS was very skeptical. In 2011, the ACS said that ecigs were a grave danger to the public health.. Last year, the stance was softened when the ACS decided that using ecigs instead of cigarettes was a “complicated” issue saying that more research was needed.

Suffice to say that the American Cancer Society is not a fan of vaping, but they have evolved somewhat on the issue over the years. The ACS is still a strong voice to end smoking. They encourage all smokers to quit, of course.

The ACS took to Facebook to ask people to share their personal success stories on quitting smoking. This is what they said” Quitting smoking is no easy feat! If you’ve successfully quit, share you story in the comments. You could be featured on our website and give hope to others trying to get healthy.”

Switching to vaping is a great way to quit smoking

So far the American Cancer Society Facebook page has been inundated with 3,200 plus comments. That is an amazing response. There has been more than a thousand shares and almost a thousand likes. The ACS was probably expecting all sorts of success stories about quitting smoking using NRTs, prescription drugs, acupuncture and all of the rest. That’s not what happened.

Instead of a wide range of methods that people have used to quit smoking, 95% of the 3200 comments were success stories of people who quit smoking by using electronic cigarettes.

UPDATE: It is noteworthy that this page on the ACS facebook account has been taken down. I guess they did not get the results that they were hoping for! I would suggest that the ACS bring their thinking more into line with where responsible health officials around the world are. For example in late September 2016 it came out that the smoking rates in England have fallen dramatically and vaping has played a part. Probably because Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians have encouraged people to use every avenue to reduce tobacco harm including electronic cigarettes.

Will The ACS Change Attitude Toward Vaping?

The American Cancer Society can be skeptical about the benefits of ecigs but what they can no longer deny is that ecigarettes are working and helping smokers quit.

The response that they have received is nothing sort of overwhelming.

Once again, that is 95% of the people who have responded to the American Cancer Society to share their quit smoking success stories have shared the fact that they have quit through vaping.

The american cancer society might accept vaping as smoking alternative

The ACS has said that they will share and feature smoking success stories on their website to inspire others. Given that 95% of people are telling the ACS that they quit with ecigs, will they share those success stories on the official American Cancer Society website? To do so would be tantamount to promoting vaping as a viable means of smoking cessation. We will see.

Some of the success stories are deeply personal. Others are more pointed. For example someone replied “I quit by switching to vaping. I spent 20 years trying to quit using patches, gum, a quit coach, wellbutrin, etc. None of those worked, though vaping did. I am down to almost zero nicotine. I guessing that you don’t really want to hear that though because it is not an “approved” method. Maybe the ACS should stop ignoring us.”

American cancer society received positive feedback on vaping

It was not just young people, many of the folks who replied were in their 60s. One woman said that she had smoked for 45 years but has now been six years smoke free thanks to ecigs. She said that she had tried to quit for 20 years and was at the end of her rope. Now, she has a new lease on life.

The stories go on and on. These are the voices that the FDA, the CDC and other health groups have ignored for so long. Will they continue to ignore us? We hope not.