The newly proposed Vermont ecig tax could be doozy and further complicate things for new and existing vapers in the state. In fact, it goes so far that we wonder if Vermont is simply trying to kill off vaping entirely. How else would you explain a ludicrous 92% tax on evapor products? The proposed Vermont ecig tax would essentially double the cost of vaping and probably put cigarette smokers who are looking to make a switch on pause. Is that really what Vermont wants to do at a time when ecigs are helping millions?

What we have on our hands in this state is another case where electronic cigarettes are getting tossed in with traditional tobacco cigarettes. The proposed law does exactly that, tacking on a Vermont ecig tax that is exactly the same as the one already in effect for tobacco products. The bill was introduced by Democratic state representative George Till and, after a lengthy and raucous debate, it passed 83 to 54. That’s a margin wider than we would think for such a cumbersome Vermont ecig tax, but thankfully the story doesn’t end there.

Seemingly in direct response to fresh FDA regulations levied against vaping, the state of Vermont has proposed an outlandish tax proposal on e-cigs that virtually doubles their price.

The bill still has to get passed by the Senate and the hope is that Vermont state senators can have some reason talked into them. In fact, if you hail from the great state of Vermont, write your local state senator or assemblyperson and tell them how the new Vermont ecig tax is going to affect you. It’s hugely important that your voice is heard. Tell them your story and how electronic cigarettes have changed your life. Tell them how this huge tax will force you to make some hard choices after coming such a long with ecigs. It’s worth a shot, right?

Vermont Ecig Tax With A Bad Excuse

The reasoning behind this Vermont ecig tax that lumps vaping in with smoking isn’t very good, as you would expect. Worse yet, they are once again trying to tie all this in with kids. It’s the “won’t anybody think of the children?” phenomena that simply won’t die. Even though it has already been shown that vaping among young people isn’t near the problem that it is made out to be, it evidently can still be used as an excuse for another ecig tax. That’s what it is: an excuse. And a bad one at that.

That’s how you get people like Jill Sudhoff-Guerin from the American Cancer Society saying that that as far as motives for the new ecig law, “The primary reason is that kids are very price-sensitive.”

In what appeared to be a stunt to create an infusion of fresh tax dollars Vermont has proposed an insanely stiff tax rate for e-cigarettes and vape products.

She did also say, “The e-cigarette tax is a really good idea for a lot of many reasons,” but went straight for the kids line when she could. It seems to be the first place anti-vaping activists like to go, probably because it gets the most press.

If you want people to get behind you on something, tell them it’s to shield children from harm and chances are they will start off on your side before you even tell them why.

Confusing it with just another vice as opposed to an aid to help quit smoking, the state of Vermont has proposed a ludicrous ninety-two percent tax on vaping devices and accessories.

Which is exactly what leads to situations like this new Vermont ecig tax proposal. It doesn’t seem to us like much in the way of facts is being considered when debating placing this albatross of an ecig tax on vapers in the state. They also don’t appear to be considering how much good electronic cigarettes have done for smokers in Vermont. No, none of this matters because ecigs are becoming that easy to lump in with traditional tobacco cigarettes.

But it isn’t over! Not just because this bill also has to pass the state senate in Vermont, but because our voices can still be heard across the country. We can do this by reaching out to our government representatives, but we can also do this simply by sharing our story with others. It is going to take a grassroots movement to convince the public of what we already know: that electronic cigarettes are a game changer that can help millions more. The vaping revolution began as a grassroots movement, so it is only fitting that at this stage we would go back to fighting like one. Fight the Vermont ecig tax.