Ridiculous! It happens all the time. The claim about formaldehyde in electronic cigarettes is one that is not going away. The CDPH in California makes the formadehyde in vapor claim a regular part of their demonization of vaping. They say that vapor is Still Blowing Smoke and they have a corresponding website that also makes these claims.

In recent months, Portland State University sent a letter to the editor in the New England Journal of Medicine with the title, “Hidden Formaldehyde In Electronic Cigarettes.” That story quickly made the rounds in headlines from coast to coast. The study claimed that there was more formaldehyde in ecigs than in cigarettes. Dr. Cranfield points out the first lie is that they didn’t study formaldehyde, they studied something called formaldehyde releasing agents. In addition to that, in order to get those results Portland State used an electronic cigarette in a way no human being ever would, no more than you would light and suck in the smoke from a piece of toxic plastic.

So, we have a video that will cover all of this for you. Dr. Robert Cranfield, and urgent care physician from Nashville, Tennessee, will look for actual formaldehyde. he compares electronic cigarettes to tobacco cigarettes and cigars. With no further adieu, take it away Dr. Cranfield.

Formaldehyde In E-Cigarettes Myth

We have covered this topic in depth before. The myth of formaldehyde in ecig vapor has been debunked multiple times and we will probably have to continue to do so. Why does this keep coming up? Well one reason is that if you misuse an ecig by vaporizing at extremlely high power settings you can burn the ejuice to the point where you can create some toxins in the vapor. But the temepratures that some researchers use to get these results are not at all realistic.

If the vapor is derived from essentially burned e-liquid, you would never vape it. It would be disgusting. No vaper would vape with the settings and conditions that researchers use to coax these results. It would be a burnt taste and unpleasent to vape. These are not real world vaping conditions! Rarely does enjoyable vaping require more than 4.2 volts. Vaping at 6 volts? Highly unlikely that anyone would enjoy that.

Despite what you see here, electronic cigarette companies themselves are not allowed to market their products as being a less harmful alternative. The anti-vaping lobby and the mainstream media is working very hard to scare people about vape and electronic cigarettes. With the staggering losses families around the world experience because of smoking, we would like to see regulators look at the larger picture.

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