From the beginning, this is the question everyone was asking. Is vaping safer than smoking? We still get asked that all the time. But in the primetime matchup of electronic versus analogue cigarettes, the battle was over long before anyone realized it. If you simply look at these two very different ways of absorbing nicotine, you can quite clearly see why electronic cigarettes have boomed as traditional tobacco smoking has fallen. The benefits of vaping over smoking are well documented at this point if people would only see pastthe frequent false claims against electronic cigarettes. They come from people who don’t really understand ecigs, or from those who do and are concerned about their own bottom lines (that would be Big Pharma of course).

The benefits associated with choosing to vape instead of smoking cigarettes are well documented and extending the lives more e-cig users everyday.

It’s not that this battle isn’t over yet, because it is still playing out in the court of public opinion. But the vape vs smoke showdown in terms of what consumers should choose based on facts, well, that wasn’t much of a contest at all. We know that traditional tobacco cigarettes do a great deal of harm. This isn’t news to anyone, unless you have been living under a rock since the 1970s. The burning of tobacco leaves causes the release of cancer inducing agents called carcinogens. On top of that, Big Tobacco has been adding thousands of chemicals to our cigarettes for years. They do this for many reasons, but primarily to aid in the delivery of nicotine to your system. The faster you get nicotine in there, the more quickly you’ll become addicted.

But nicotine itself isn’t the problem, and this actually can help answer the vaping safer than smoking question. Nicotine is definitely addictive, but it hasn’t been shown to bring harm upon humans. In fact, studies have shown it may actually be useful in combating certain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. Among the benefits of vaping over smoking is that you can get that nicotine that as a smoker your body has become reliant on, but in a way that bypasses the burning of tobacco. This inherently bypasses those carcinogens that were being created every time you took a drag on your analogue cigarette.

Vaping Safer Than Smoking

The evidence is clear, vaping is almost 100% better for users than traditional cigarettes.

Right there we get one obvious answer to that is vaping safer than smoking question. Being able to take in simple water vapor instead of smoke is the headliner in the list of benefits of vaping over smoking.

The fact that you get your nicotine hit as well is what keeps you from crawling up the wall. Anyone who has ever tried to drop cigarettes cold turkey will tell you the same thing: it is incredibly hard! It’s hard not because of a lack of willpower.

No, it is hard because your body physically needs nicotine now and, like any other drug, the absence of it will send you into nicotine withdrawals.

With electronic cigarettes, you can make that switch away from tobacco without going bonkers. You can even taper off your use of ecigs with nicotine by gradually using eliquid that has less of it. You can even end up using no-nicotine ecigs once your body doesn’t really need the nicotine anymore, but you still enjoy the feeling of taking a drag full of something, in this case vapor.

E-cigs are still the best and most useful tool to help smokers ween themselves off of cigarettes.

Despite this obvious upgrade in nicotine delivery, it has taken a long time very many government agencies to see the advantage. A big reason is that they have gotten so used to fighting the nicotine addiction of tobacco cigarettes, that it was simply hard to change course. They needed a lot more to convince them that electronic cigarettes were not the same thing as analogue cigarettes and this meant coming to realize the benefits of vaping over smoking.

Over time, more people came on board to this idea of vapor as being really different from smoke. As more studies came out and reasonably minded doctors and scientists began chiming in with their opinions of how vaping could help millions of smokers, things did begin to change somewhat. We even saw a report by Public Health England that finally admitted that they also answer in the affirmative for the “is vaping safer than smoking” question. They even put a numeric figure on it. Vaping is 95% safer than smoking according to their study. But we didn’t even need that to understand the benefits of vaping over smoking.

Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking

Some of the major benefits of choosing to vape instead of smoking cigarettes include avoiding th 5000 plus chemicals, additives and carcinogens associated with cigarettes as well as the financial savings.

If you speak to anyone who has made the switch to electronic cigarettes, they will gladly tell you how they are experiencing the benefits of vaping over smoking. It’s something that ex-smokers get really excited about, I know I do.

For many, it they tried so many different things that when they finally found vaping, they wanted to share their joy with the world. The long term benefits will become clearer over time as we have more data of people vaping, but the immediate ones are already being reported by ecig users.

Commonly, they will tell you that they don’t get into those coughing fits they were used to, especially in the morning. They don’t find themselves out of breath any more. They can even go for a run with their dogs and they won’t tap out after a few hundred feet. In other words, they simply feel better and that makes all the difference.

But the benefits of vaping over smoking don’t stop there. Ecig vapor has no smell and dissipates quickly. This means that they don’t have to worry about people complaining that they “smell like an ashtray,” as they had gotten used to hearing from non-smokers. They also don’t need to step outside their homes to get that hit of nicotine, because vapor doesn’t really bother anyone. It also doesn’t do anything to those around them, as studies about so-called second-hand vaping have proven. Being able to vape indoors can be especially helpful during these cold winter months when you would love no to have to go outside at all.

If you live in a place with extreme weather, you are already familiar with the hassle of having to step outside to smoke to feed your nicotine habit.

Then when you throw in the economic factor, things get clearly skewed toward electronic cigarettes. Ecigs are simply cheaper for most if not all Americans, as Big Tobacco keeps increasing their prices in order to keep profits up as less people buy cigarettes. You can literally save thousands of dollars a year by making the switch to vapor and you can do so even when buying from one of the quality ecig brands that we recommend.

In the end, the real motivating factor is what we started with in this blog. Vaping is safer than smoking and it really isn’t even a contest. After winning round after round of that battle, the last rounds of this match is clear. They’re the battles we have to face in the media, as the assault on ecigs continues. They want you to believe that the answer to the “is vaping safer than smoking” question is no, but that just isn’t the reality. Getting the truth out there is the mission, and it’s definitely ours too because electronic cigarettes are simply better and sooner or later every smoker will get that message.